Thursday, June 10, 2021

Maintain normal Blood Sugar levels naturally

Diabetes mellitus is a long-lasting disease, which is caused by the inability of the pancreas to manufacture insulin, or to utilize the insulin produced in the proper way.  The factors that cause diabetes are hereditary, stress, alcoholism, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and high blood pressure.  Type II diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes, normally occurs after age 40. Though, with increasing levels of obesity and sedentary lifestyle, it is now affecting more and more youths, and even children below 10 years old.

There are various signs and symptoms of diabetes like increased hunger, frequent urination, increased thirst, tiredness, poor wound healing and weight loss.  If Diabetes if not stopped in time can lead to serious complications which can affect the heart, kidneys, retina and nervous system.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Keep your blood sugar in control to have a good quality of life

Diabetes today affects millions of people worldwide and increasing evidence shows that obesity and type 2 Diabetes are intricately linked, and with rising obesity rates there is a tremendous growth of Type 2 diabetes. There are two types of diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 is characterized by the pancreas failing to produce insulin which is a hormone that breaks down sugars and starches while converting them into energy. Type 2 occurs is characterized by the pancreas being unable to produce enough insulin due to several factors, obesity being one of them.  Majority of the people are affected by Type 2 Diabetes.

There are numerous risk factors that can cause diabetes; obesity, lack of exercise, family history of diabetes, etc.  People over the age of 45 years normally have some risk factor and they should go for an annual checkup every year.  The onset of Diabetes and the development of full blown diabetes can be stopped by making important lifestyle changes like having healthy diets, getting enough rest, doing exercises and keeping the body healthy by losing weight.  If you are pre-diabetic you need to ask your healthcare doctor for a diabetic diet and lessen the intake of cakes, candy, cookies, and other things made of simple sugars and eat small, nourishing meals at small intervals.  If you already have diabetes follows the same diet under the care of your doctor.   Cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar should be within the right limits.  Diabetes is not taken care of soon can lead to blindness, kidney disease and heart disease.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Herbal supplement for Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes mellitus is a disease which is caused by the inability of the pancreas to manufacture insulin, or to use the insulin produced in the proper way.  Diabetes is growing at a widespread rate all over the world and is one of the most fatal diseases afflicting people today. The main type of diabetes is type I and type II. Type I diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes where the pancreas makes almost no insulin. Type II diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes normally affects people after 40 years.  However, today with the lifestyle one leads and increasing rise of obesity   this disease is now affecting more youngsters. Symptoms of diabetes type 2 are frequent urination, tiredness, blurred vision, wounds taking time to heal, numbness in hands and fingers and being too thirsty often.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes naturally

Diabetes, a condition which causes your blood sugar levels to become higher than usual, is one of the most prevalent diseases affecting people worldwide. Diabetes can be categorized into Type 1 and Type Diabetes with the later being very common. Type 2 Diabetes is a condition which makes your body fail to use the insulin properly which is responsible for regulating the movement of sugar into your cells.   With type 2 diabetes, instead of the body converting sugar into energy, it stores it in the bloodstream.  Type 1 diabetes is caused by inadequate insulin in the body.

Type 2 Diabetes is due to the excess sugar in your body which is sometimes converted and stored as cholesterol and that is the reason why most people who suffer from Type 2 diabetes are overweight. The factors that contribute to this are inactive lifestyle, smoking and unhealthy diet. It can also be hereditary and though it can affect a person of any age, people at their early to mid-forties are at higher risk of getting this condition.

People with Type 2 diabetes are most likely to experience increased hunger, tiredness, blurred vision, weight loss, hand and feet numbness, excessive thirst, slow healing of wounds and urge to urinate frequently.  This condition if not taken care of may result in devastating effects  as over a period of time high sugar levels in the bloodstream can cause damage to small blood vessels and nerves of the eye, kidneys or the heart. Therefore a person with Type 2 Diabetes should follow a healthy diet by taking meals regularly in small amounts to ensure gradual sugar release into the bloodstream and exercise regularly.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Effective ways to control Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized by high glucose or sugar levels in blood. The probable causes of diabetes are genetic factors, consumption of excess alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of processed food, refined sugar and carbohydrates, obesity, sedentary lifestyle and in a few cases pregnancy can cause diabetes.  Diabetes if not controlled in time can affect the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, nervous system and the retina of the eyes.  The most common type of diabetes are Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational diabetes.

People suffering from diabetes feel low as it depletes their energy levels and cannot participate in a proper manner in the everyday chores.  They cannot eat as and when they want and also restrict their diet.  People suffering from diabetes should consult and doctor to treat their diabetes.  However, now there are naturally composed herbal supplements available which helps overcome this problem and minimizes the harmful side-effects of synthetic drugs. By maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle, doing exercises and taking an effective herbal supplement will help in fighting diabetes. These products minimize the harmful side-effects of synthetic drugs. Optimum Diabetics is one such product that is naturally composed and free from side-effects. The product is an herbal supplement to aid diabetes.

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Friday, February 12, 2021

Coping With Type 2 Diabetes

There are many individuals who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes every day and is has become one of the most widespread diseases in the world today.

People who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes should live a healthy lifestyle and doing so one can overcome this well. The diabetic should talk to a dietitian who can educate them about the disease and should follow the dietary changes seriously.  They should also monitor their sugar levels on a day to day basis as this would help them choose the right kind of foods as well as the activities they need to undertake.

For a diabetic, exercising is very important as it helps lower the levels of blood sugar.   You can just start out with walking, biking or go swimming regimen. Going for a walk around the neighborhood every week will be very helpful to the overall health of the diabetic in addition to lowering their blood sugar levels.

The person suffering from Type 2 Diabetes should follow the advice of their doctor and take their medicines as prescribed to them.  Taking medicines with doing exercise and dietary change helps stabilize the blood sugar levels.  Herbal supplements for Type 2 Diabetes are gaining a lot of recognition today as they are effective and safe without any side-effects.  Lower your blood sugar levels and maintain a good quality of life –

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Information on Diabetes and how to manage it

To fight Diabetes, one should first understand the nature of this disease as it will help cope with it better.  There are two major types of this disease namely, type 1 and type II. Of the two types of diabetes, type I where the body wrongly produces antibodies and inflammatory cells that attack the pancreas and render it incapable of producing enough insulin is usually more serious and life threatening.  This is mostly genetically inherited when children whose father or mother have type I diabetes are at greater risk of contracting the disease. Certain viral infections like mumps can also trigger the abnormal production of antibodies that attack the pancreas.  Type 2 diabetes if mostly linked to obesity and unhealthy lifestyle where both children and adults who are overweight are at risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes.  People who have family history of diabetes can also get this disease as they grow older.

 The common signs and symptoms of diabetes are unusual weight gain or weight loss, fatigue, excessive thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, excessive hunger, feeling of nausea, recurrent vaginal infection in women, frequent yeast infection in men and slow healing of wounds.  A person can also suffer from blurred vision if the condition worsens.  

It is very important to look into this disease as early as possible as if not taken care of, a person can also suffer from high blood pressure, kidney problems, nerve problems and coronary problems.

You can overcome Diabetes Type 2 by leading a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced regular exercising and gaining an ideal weight.  Taking an herbal diabetic supplement also helps overcome this disease in a safe and effective way –

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