Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Alarming Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus!!

Diabetes mellitus which is most commonly known as Type 2 diabetes develops due to the increased level of sugar (glucose) in the body. This disease is incurable but can be controlled by taking proper medication. Diabetes mellitus is associated with numerous symptoms. Two Major symptoms that are found in most of the people are:

• Increased thirst
• Frequent urination

Other warning symptoms include:

Weight Gain or Loss: - Some people lose weight because their muscle tissues don’t get enough glucose to generate growth and energy. However In some people their body tries to compensate for the lost fluids and sugar due to which they eat more than normal and gain weight.

Flu-like Symptoms: - When your body cells don’t get the required amount of sugar, you may starts feeling tired and weak. Thus a person may experience weakness, fatigue and loss of appetite

Blurred vision: - During diabetes mellitus high levels of sugar occur in the body which pulls fluid out of the tissues including eye lenses. As a result vision gets affected. However you vision will improve when your sugar level drops to normal.

Slow healing sores: - Diabetes reduces your ability to heal and fight infections.

Red and swollen gums: - The chances of Gums infection increases with diabetes. Furthermore the bones that hold your teeth also become week.

Nerve damage: - High sugar level in the body may damage your vessels to the nerves resulting in a number of symptoms lie tingling small blood, loss of sensation in your hands and feet, burning pain in legs, arms, hands and feet

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Important Warning Signs of Diabetes

Diabetes is mostly similar. whether it is type one or type two These warning signs include having frequent trips to the bathroom, experiencing unquenchable thirst, loosing weight without dieting or exercising , feeling weak and experiencing fatigue, blurred vision, and having a feeling a tingling sensation or not feeling at all (numbness) in the feet, legs, or arms.

Some commonly overlooked diabetes signs are as follows:

You might experience feelings similar to those encountered with the flu. The body fails to be energized by the sugars and you can feel fatigued, weak, and have a diminished desire for food. These symptoms are like those that you experience with the flu, and be missed altogether.

You may have wounds or bruises that heal slowly, or suffer frequent infections. Diabetes affects the body's capacity to heal properly and prevent infection. Frequent bladder and vaginal infections are very common in women who suffer from diabetes.

Blurred Vision
Blurred vision is one of your alarming signs of diabetes. It occurs as your sugar laden blood sucks out liquids from your inner eye membranes and cells. If you have blurred vision, know that it is a precursor for blindness

Burning Pain

When you have diabetes, the peripheral blood flow to your nerves and capillaries are often affected. This makes you suffer burning pain in feet and fingers. This and a pins and needles sensation are signs of diabetes.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Facts and statistics about diabetes...

Diabetes is the disease caused by the imbalance in the body sugar levels. Both high and low sugar levels are hazardous to the body. It is very important to control the normal sugar levels to stay away from diabetes. Various diseases like heart problems, blood pressure and obesity are directly or indirectly linked with diabetes in some way or the other.

Facts about diabetes
1. Diabetes is caused when the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Since the glucose we create from eating and drinking is not burned off, it collects in the blood, causing the blood sugar levels to increase.
2. Diabetes can affect women during pregnancy, a condition called gestational diabetes.
3. Diabetes strikes people of all ages and socioeconomic groups
4. Adult type 2 diabetes is a life long illness. The risk of getting it increases dramatically if you are overweight, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a family history of the disease. Therefore it is important to watch out for the symptoms of diabetes
5. If a person has Type 2 Diabetes, then his or her once well-functioning Islets’ cells demonstrate a sharply diminished ability to make insulin.

Statistics About diabetes
1. There are 23.6 million people in the United States, or 8% of the population, who have diabetes. The total percentage of diabetes increased 13.5% from 2005-2007. Only 24% of diabetes is undiagnosed, down from 30% in 2005 and from 50% ten years ago.
2. Type 2 is generally found in adults; however an alarmingly growing number of children are now diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. One of the main causes is overweight.

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