Friday, June 20, 2014

The link between obesity and diabetes - How to naturally overcome it?

While obesity is associated to various health problems, the growing numbers of those diagnosed with diabetes point out the link between excess body fat and glucose. The studies confirm that fat cells discharge a protein called PEDF. This causes Type 2 diabetes . When body cells resist insulin owing to surplus fat, more insulin is then formed by the pancreas to offset the negative effects, thus overworking the pancreas and ultimately slowing and stopping insulin.

When we eat, the pancreas give out insulin, which lies on receptors in the cells, letting blood sugar to go into the cells for use in generating energy. Diabetes mellitus is a state where the cells are incapable to use insulin to switch sugar into energy, thus the sugar stays in the blood stream. Type 1 diabetes is not associated to obesity and results when the islet cells in the pancreas stop generating insulin. Gestational diabetes is associated to hormonal changes during pregnancy and type 2 diabetes is associated to obesity.

Studies say that obesity can cause diabetes since the increased body fat causes glucose intolerance. At this moment the body can no longer make enough insulin to stabilise blood sugar. Numerous recent studies have exposed a straight link between obesity and type II diabetes. A BMI index of over 40 has been associated to a greater risk of developing diabetes.

Thus, weight loss along with natural remedies can help you completely control diabetes and lead a healthy lifestyle.  

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