Thursday, August 22, 2013

How to notice the early signs of Diabetes

The early signs of diabetes are nearly same in both Type1 and Type 2 diabetes. When our pancreas stops producing insulin, blood glucose increases which causes Type 1 diabetes. While Type 2 diabetes is most commonly prevalent among adults, it results from ineffective insulin that fails to manage the blood glucose levels. They are also hereditary factors that could cause the problem.

Recognising the signs of diabetes will help majority people to prevent and overcome this disease with ease.

Here are some ways to discover the beginning signs of diabetes:

1.      Increased Thirst – This is the most common symptom of Diabetes. If your thirst is causing you to gulp down jars of water then you should get yourself tested for diabetes.

2.      Frequent urination – Increased urge to urinate coupled with blurry vision, dry and itchy skin and tiredness are also symptoms of this problem

3.      Sudden Weight loss - If you are losing weight without any dietary changes or exercising, you need to check yourself for diabetes. This symptom is typically seen in type 1 diabetes.

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