Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tips to avoid Type 2 Diabetes

Besides rise in blood sugar levels, the other symptoms of Type 2 diabetes are blurred vision, fatigue, constant thirst, numbness at your fingertips, toes, high blood pressure, too much urination, injuries like cuts which are slow to heal.
To avoid suffering from Type 2 Diabetes you should avoid pastries, fizzy drinks – stop consuming sugar. Stop taking too much of alcohol tobacco as it worsens your diabetes condition. Exercise is very good for health and to keep away from diabetes.  Any form of exercise like brisk walking, swimming whatever you feel happy doing is good. Eat wholesome, healthy foods and fats and oils and practice mind calming exercise and you will be able to control diabetes.  You can include an anti diabetes herbal supplement which are very effective and safe in overcoming Type 2 Diabetes.

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