Sunday, October 31, 2010

Detect early signs and symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes whether type 1 or type 2 have the same initial warning signs that you need to pay attention and receive proper medication for controlling it. Learning about the early symptoms of diabetes can help one fight and control the long term effects of diabetes.

Research studies have estimated that in the US alone there are nearly 20 million or above people who suffer from diabetes.

Below are some of the main signs and symptoms of diabetes

Weight Loss – Weight loss is one of the prime sign of diabetes. If you are losing weight without dieting or gyming you need to check for diabetes at the earliest at your nearest doctor for detecting diabetes.
Frequent urination - High blood sugar levels increases the amount of blood that flows through the kidneys, resulting in an increase in urine levels.
Excessive thirst: Dehydration caused due to excess urination is responsible for excessive thirst
Numbness in hands or feet - when your cells don't get the needed glucose your circulation is affected which in turn causes numbness.
Mood swings: Excessive moods swings are also a sign of diabetes.
Fatigue - Simply put, diabetes affects the individual’s ability to process energy; hence fatigue is an early symptom.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Myths related to Diabetes

Too much of sugar is a cause of diabetes:The causes of diabetes vary between consuming too many calories, age factor, genes and lack of exercise. It just does not zero down to sugar consumption. If your body does not have the ability to release or utilize insulin, you are probably more vulnerable to suffering from Diabetes. Once you are a victim to Diabetes, you should keep at bay sugary foods, including carbs.

Hypoglycemia has no constructive symptoms:
Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar shows several signs and symptoms that should not be ignored. Some of the prominent one includes sweating, weakness, fatigue, hunger pangs, dizziness, headache, nausea, visual problems, irritability and a faster heart rate

Overweight or obese persons are more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes:
Even though weight is one of the pre factors to develop diabetes, it is not the factor that determines whether you are more accustomed to Type 2 diabetes.

A diabetic is more likely to suffer from colds and other illnesses:This is not the case. It is a myth. Nevertheless, one is always advised to get their flu vaccinations - this is because if anytime you happen to suffer from severe flu it could interfere with blood sugar levels and for those suffering from type 1 diabetes, it causes an increased risk of ketoacidosis.

A Diabetic should not eat bananas or grapes:Every fruit and vegetable is extremely good. Eating a variety of different fruits will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and some cancers.

Uncooked food helps in controlling diabetes:The calorie value of foods whether raw or cooked remains unchanged. What is needed is just a balanced diet in whatever form.

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