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Learn more about Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

People who have a family record of diabetes are at a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Also known as non-insulin dependent diabetes, Type 2 diabetes is a state wherein the body becomes insulin resistant. This causes increased levels of blood sugar.

The pancreas is accountable for producing insulin. Insulin levels vary depending on how much glucose is there in the body. In general, insulin levels rise after eating, and reduce when the stomach is empty. Insulin's key function is to shift glucose from the digestive system to the different parts of the body. If there is excess glucose, the extra glucose is moved to the liver, where it is stored till there is low sugar. Basically, the pancreas, insulin, glucose and liver are all working collectively to attain a highly complex balancing act. One of two things occurs to people with type 2 diabetes. The pancreas usually stops producing sufficient insulin that the body requires or their body gets insulin resistant. In both cases, the results are similar: high blood sugar levels.

One symptom of type 2 diabetes is excessive fatigue. The most rational reason for this is that excessive fatigue is a very common symptom; people, including those who without type 2 diabetes can face extreme fatigue. Extreme fatigue is also frequently seen in people who follow a hectic lifestyle, not getting sufficient sleep, and continuously under stress. However, it is best to discuss with a doctor if extreme fatigue appears to not have resulted from lifestyle factors, sleep or stress.

Another symptom of type 2 diabetes is severe weight gain or weight loss. People who start eating more are likely to put on weight. As the weight increases, excess fat gets stored which could cause insulin resistance.

Another symptom of type 2 diabetes is hazy vision If the diabetes is left unaided, however, the blurriness could lead to blindness.

Other common symptoms of type 2 diabetes include swelling and gum inflammation. The sooner that type 2 diabetes is found out, the sooner you can get healthy and fit again. Check website to know more about natural ways to overcome and control diabetes

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