Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brief information on the Types of Diabetes – Type 1, Type 2 & gestational diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects as many as 16 million Americans. Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, renal failure, and amputation including heart attacks, strokes and loss of vision. It is characterized by glucose intolerance and is caused by an imbalance between the body's insulin supply and insulin demand.

Type 1 Diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes is also called as Juvenile Diabetes, Insulin dependent diabetes or Autoimmune Diabetes. It occurs in puberty usually between ages 10 to 12 in girls 12 to 14 in boys. Genetic make up and environmental factors such as certain viruses are noted as the prime cause for this type of diabetes. This chronic disease is caused by the inability of the body, particularly the pancreas to produce sufficient amount of insulin needed by the body to absorb glucose in order to produce energy. When sugar is not absorbed as it should be, its level builds up in the blood and urine as the symptoms start showing.
Symptoms - frequent thirst, hunger, abnormally frequent urination, hard breathing, rapid weight loss and irregularity in protein and fat metabolism resulting to fatigue or lack of energy.

Type 2 Diabetes:
Type 2 diabetes also called as Non insulin dependant Diabetes occurs when our body becomes insensitive to insulin. Since insulin is needed to in order to control our blood glucose levels, once our body becomes insulin- resistant, our blood glucose levels increase without any check, and this when type2 diabetes occurs. It usually occurs to people who are overweight, live a sedentary lifestyle and have uncontrollable food habits. Type 2 diabetes can be managed with a healthy diet and regular exercises along with herbal supplements that are safe and natural.

Gestational Diabetes:
Gestational Diabetes also known as Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or GDM is a form of diabetes that sometimes develops during pregnancy. It usually occurs in the second or third trimester. GDM occurs when the expectant mother’s pancreas cannot make enough insulin causing the body not to able to regulate the glucose.

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