Friday, July 30, 2010

Most Pouplar Myths About Diabetes Diet and Treatments!!

There are a number of misconceptions or myths about diabetes, diabetes diet and treatment. Thus to cope up with diabetes, you need to stay informed about the ailment so as to combat it successfully

Here given below are ecrtain myths and facts about diabetes-

Myths about How you Get Diabetes

• It is one of the most popular misconception that you can get diabetes only from your genes. However it is not true, though diabetes may run in some families but a person may suffer from diabetes due to other reasons also like aging, obesity, lack of physical exercise, stress, poor diet etc.
• If a mother has diabetes, her chidren also suffer from diabetes. Not true.
• Diabetes is contagious- it is completley untrue, both types of diabetes are non-contagious.

Myths about Diabetes Diet and treatment

• You can’t eat sugar if you are suffering from diabetes- It is untrue, sugar doesn’t cause diabetes but you should eat sugar in moderate amount in order to keep your sugar level under control.
• Diabetic patients can’t eat carbohydrates- It is not true you can eat carbohydrates as a part of healthy and balanced diet.
• Drinking water will help you manage diabetes- Intake of lots of water is good for health but it is nothing to do with blood sugar level.
• Insulin cures diabetes- It is one of the biggest myths as diabetes is an incurable ailment. You can control or manage diabetes with the help of insulin but can’t cure it.
• Ignoring diabetes medication is not fatal- It may proved to be highly dangerous as high blood sugar levels need to be controlled with the help of adequate medication or supplement like Glucolo.
• There is no natural cure for diabetes- Diabetes can be controlled to some extent by eating a healthy, balanced diet, exercising etc. However natural diabetes supplements are also effective in controlling diabetes i.e. Glucolo.

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