Sunday, January 22, 2012

Diabetes Control with Natural Herbal Products

Diabetes is a disorder characterized by an increase in glucose in blood. This interferes with the body's natural metabolism, and hence it is referred to as one of the metabolic disorders that affect the body. The pancreas secretes insulin – a hormone that aids in the metabolic process by breaking down the glucose from the food we eat. Insulin helps in the absorption of glucose, thereby providing energy to the body. When body produces insufficient insulin or the cells become non-responsive to insulin, glucose level is increased in the blood which causes complications. This brings about diabetes. If Diabetes if not diagnosed in time, it can cause nasty effects ranging from renal failures to heart and retinal damage and neuropathy. Diabetes is of 2 types - Type1 is caused due to insufficient production of insulin. Type 2 diabetes which is the most common type of diabetes is caused when the body cells become resistant to insulin. Gestational diabetes is caused in pregnant women with no history of diabetes.

Common Symptoms of Diabetes to watch for:
Increased urge to urinate
Feeling thirsty often
Increased hunger
Weight loss
Mood changes with irritation
Wounds those are slow to heal

Herbal Products and their role in controllin Diabetes
Herbal products are known for their amazing results in controlling blood sugar levels. They can very effective in comparison to prescribed medicines as they can cure diabetes naturally without side-effects. Herbal supplements like Glucolo are purely natural in composition with no side-effects. They efficiently regulate carbohydrate metabolism along with strengthening the immune system and improve blood circulation and the health of pancreas.

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